The 1903 private sea-front family residence of tobacco exporter Telemachos Bozios and his wife Aphrodite, Villa Rossa is a Parga landmark. The only building on Parga's main beach, sandy Kryoneri, the Villa is situated at a stunning location facing the picturesque Parga town and offering uninterrupted seaviews.

Always boasting its original deep red colour, Villa Rossa was given its 'name’ during the Second World War by the occupying Italian forces that commandeered the residence and used it as their headquarters. Following Telemachos’ death and under Aphrodite’s watchful eye, it also served as a makeshift clinic and a finishing school, the first in the area to provide education to young women.

A hotel and restaurant since the 1970s and undergoing an ongoing Big Renovation Project since 2012 the Villa Rossa Area is now an elegant Boutique Beach Resort co-owned and run by the original family.


The Villa Rossa Area stands on Parga’s town beach and is comprised of three buildings formed like the Greek letter π. The seafront red coloured Villa Rossa is the original residence. The multicoloured Rosanea is The Old Tobacco House, where tobacco used to be stored. Tobacco being so sensitive, The Old Tobacco House is proof of the ideal climate of this exact location that, situated next to a hill, stays cool even during the hottest summer days. The smaller red house, facing the Villa Rossa is where the stables used to be. The three buildings are connected by a verdant garden, originally a farm, and the privately owned hill.


Enveloped by the sea, the hill and the garden the Villa Rossa Area is a microcosm, a truly holistic experience.

A genuine Boutique Beach Resort that includes a private beach area, a gourmet sunset restaurant with unique seaviews, an untouched hill and three landmark buildings.

The Big Renovation Project entails renovating each and all of the three landmark buildings using a lot of the original material, and blending old world charm with design in addition to hosting an Interactive Museum, a Gallery and a Gift Shop.

All this along with plenty of workshops and activities that enable guests to experience the Villa Rossa Area’s original grandness with the benefit of boutique hospitality services.


Having travelled extensively in many very different parts of the world and in very different capacities, we both agree that we have rarely seen anything as naturally beautiful as Parga. We believe the very location where the Villa Rossa Area is situated –the best location in Parga- is a true gem, among the most stunning places in the world.

Our core belief that "something so beautiful simply has to be shared" led us in 2012 to begin the exciting Big Renovation Project of our family-owned, historic hotel with the aim to restore the Villa Rossa Area to its original splendour, and move its long story forward with the help of innovation and modern design. We recycled and designed from scratch a lot of what you see. Lights, furniture, landscaping.

We wanted to create a Boutique Hotel where guests feel the owners care. We have stayed in every room, tried every dish and wine we put on the menu and spend numerous hours discussing every little detail you experience at the Villa Rossa Area. The result is a hotel we like and that we would travel a long way to get back to. We are so glad many of our guests have told us they feel the same way.

We encourage a community feel and promote local artists through our live events, art gallery and selective gift shop. We also support local festivals, participate in sporting events and annually fundraise for charity.

We enjoy hosting weddings, christenings, birthday parties and workshops and relish serving as a hub for new ideas and offering services of the highest quality, always in respect with Parga's astonishing nature and the local community.

See you at the Villa Rossa Area,
Elinda & Sergio